The Family Ness!

Our run of good luck with families continued recently (could that sound any more vague…recently…perhaps it was a couple of months ago, or maybe it was sixteen seconds ago – both are pretty recent, in relative terms…but that’s like the most generic term, and the most generic opening to a blog post that I have ever had the good fortune of writing, so let’s start that again.)

Sweet Bippy! Now, when I say ‘Sweet Bippy’, I mean it! Because The Family Ness came down to the FunCenter for fun, and it may have been sixteen seconds ago, or it may have been two months ago – but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they come down to the FunCenter and showed us how it was done!

Now, I don’t mean that they came down and showed us how a good loaf of bread is made, no no no – they showed us how supertotallyawesome Family Snaps are taken! I can not explain the how’s and the why’s of the situation, you are just going to have to trust me (well, you’ll have to trust me during this part of words, but once you get to the sweetsamplesnaps, you can just go by that) when I say that they were absolutely awesome to work with!

We had a wonderful time with this…wonderful (adjectives are getting low, must refuel) family! MuchLove to them, and to all of my faithful of the blog out there in blogville on this wonderful slightly snowy evening – Enjoy!

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