The Family Watson!

OK, now let me give it to you straight here. We had the good fortune of working with the ever-the-lovey member of this family that is formally called Vanessa (but, to her friends…Nessie), so we knew she was going to be a dreamy-mc-dreamtime dream to work with.

What we didn’t know was that every member of her family was just as totallysweetlysweets (what do these words even mean?) as she…perhaps they were born that way, or perhaps Vanessa whooped them (is ‘whoop’ really a word) into prime photographic peak form. Either way, they stormed the FunCenter a couple of days ago, and our world has not been the same since.

It was a whirlwind of greatness!
A cacophony of fantastic!
A plethora of perfection!

And we would like to throw a little love to this wonderful family for being so wonderful to work with, and to all of you just sitting there waiting for something…anything new to come along – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. HOT D*MN!!

    What a fine looking bunch!

    Kae – My favorite other mother
    Lynn – Lookin’ good!
    Jaime – Damn, girl you stupid fly!
    Nicky – More dateable than EVAH.
    Nessie – Let me pull up to your bumper…

    xo jenny

  2. wow swwwwwwweeeeet pictures!! you’ve managed to reduce the glare off my dads head..thats worth it all! thanks for taking our pictures, it was a lot of fun! hopefully we see you guys soon! you rock x 10.

  3. ps. my mom is deciding to leave her job as an irs agent to pursue her dream of being a super model. otis and james, making dreams come true.


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