Up next in the Otis & James Cavalcade of Fun was a visit from the ever lovely Miriah! Now, she did not come down to the FunCenter just for fun (even though there is much of that to be had), oh no – she came down here for something even better than fun.

I know, I know. You’re sitting there in your homes in the land of blog (where all the trees are covered in powdered sugar, the rivers are filled with butterscotch, and everyone receives a complimentary chocolate covered cherry a day) wondering what could be even better than fun? Do you want to know? Do you really really want to know the answer to this? Well, brace yourself, because I’m about to lay it down for you.

She came down here for some totallyawesomelyrighteousseniorsnaps, and that is what is even better than fun. You have to promise me, that you will keep this between you and me, because we don’t need everyone out there knowing such mysteries, or else…uhhh…it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore. Got it? Alright. Back to where I left off.

Miriah entered the FunCenter, and the rest (prepare yourself for a really cheesy cliché), is history! Thank you…thank you very much.

MuchLove to Miriah for coming down and brightening up our day, and to all of you out there wondering if you can swim in a river of butterscotch – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. oh my god! OH MY GOD! i love your pictures they are so adorable Miriah, it’s not even funny!!! AHHH LUV THE SHOES, LUV THE BAG, LOVE IT!

  2. I loooove the first picture. with the white background. you look absolutely beautiful, and the one in the furry vest. you just look lik you love life. i really like these. they do a great job!


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