Now, I’m probably gonna have to ask you over there in the front row to sit down so those of you in back can see. And, I’m probably gonna have to ask you to let all the negativity go…you know, I’m trying to keep all the negativity at bay in 2007…that’s my goal, and after that, I’m probaly gonna have to ask you to free your minds, and the rest will follow…wait…that’s a C&C Music Factory Song…I meant, I’m probably gonna have to ask you to prepare your synapses to be rocked. For I’m about ready to lay some serious serious stuff down. You ready? What’s that? You need a minute? Too bad. We’re jumping in, and you got two choices: Either to try and fight it, and have a horrible experience, or just let yourself go, and enjoy the ride. Alright, thought so…now let’s go.

Derek came down to Center of Fun, and he didn’t come down to have me check the oil in his car, or even give him absolutely horrible directions of how to find us (but I did do the latter, and he still managed to find us), no no no my people of blog – he came down here for some totally and completely sweetlysweetseninorsnaps.

Guess what. He got ’em. Rocked? Ahh yeah. You know it. And what about the huge helping of MuchLove that we normally extend to all that enter the Center of Fun? I’m extending it now. MuchLove, my friend, for taking time to visit us on this day that shall remane nameless due to the fact that I stopped keeping track of days, and I now just keep track of seasons (it appears to not be summer), and to all of my faithful of the land of blog tending to their lovely little blog homes and feeding their lovely little blog children and animals – Enjoy!

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