And there we were. Standing around, waiting for something good to happen in the land of Otis & James. No words were being said. The birds had stopped singing, the sun had stopped shinning, the children had stopped singing, the Rooster had stopped roostering, the rainbow went back into the pot of gold, the kangaroo’s stopped hopping, the Woodpeckers had stopped pecking (there are a lot of birds in the land of blog), the music – in fact – did stop. Hope was not lost, but it was fleeting, and we were only holding on to the smallest of threads. And it wasn’t even noon yet.

Awkward silences fell over the FunCenter. Otis tried his song and dance, but they had all seen it before, and instead of being charmed by it they found themselves feeling strangely bitter over it. I mean, it wan’t as if they didn’t like Otis, it was just that it all seemed so desperate at times, like the band playing on the deck of the Titanic; he only does it because it’s all he knows how to do, and even in the most dire of situations he will continue with what he calls his ‘Song/Dance/Seltzer In His Pants’ routine which has been his modus operandi for more than a decade..did you hear that…a decade now. Like a broken record, on and on with the same song. Otis Otis Otis.

‘Twas then. At this moment, that a ray of sun broke through the drudgery! What was this magical feeling creeping over the FunCenter? It was none other than the man of the hour, the one and only Brandon! He was on a quest for the perfect seniorsnaps, and his travels took him right into our lives! I don’t know how the how’s and the why’s, all I know is that thank our lucky stars that he walked into our lives, and thank goodness that he came in and totally and completely rocked it up, in ways that we had not seen since the Great Senior Fest of ’73…need I say more, people? I didn’t think so.

MuchLove to Brandon for stopping down, and to all of my peeps out there in the land of blog (and I’m not talking ’bout the marshmallow ones just a waiting to be eaten in a couple of months) – Enjoy!

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