Ashley & Eric!

Wide Open.
In walks.
Ashley & Eric!

Engagement Pics!

What you have just witnessed is an affliction affecting many of our nations youth. They are called ‘MySpace Fragmented Sentences’, and they will be the downfall of society as we know it. Really now, it is a problem that needs to be addressed from our local municipalites all the way up to the highest reaches of society. Our youth need to be aware of proper punctuation, proper use of uppercase and lowercase, and most importatly, what constitutes a complete sentence. Here, let me give you an expample:

We had a wonderful time working with Ashley & Eric during their sojourn to the FunCenter this past week! Our time was filled with sunshine, roses, love and beautiful photographs! We would like to extend a large bag of thanks to this wonderful couple for giving us a little bit of their sweet and prescious time, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

See??!! Easy as that! You have been made aware, there are no more excuses. It is up to us to stop this problem. Gods Speed. And, MuchLove! Oh…one more time – Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Ashley & Eric!”

  1. Ash and Eric,
    They look great, you two are beautiful…once again O&J did a great job!! Can’t wait til the big day!
    Much love!!

  2. The pictures are nice, of course the subjects were great so how could they fail. Will be sure and show gramps when he gets home. Love you!!


  3. Ashley & Eric

    I liked the pictures, I liked the smiles & I liked the couple that were having their pictures taken.
    Love, Grandpa

  4. What great pictures! You both look so happy and we are so happy for you. Good luck on the rest of the wedding plans. God bless both of you! Martin and Mom

  5. Thanks Otis and James!!! We love them!!! I can’t wait to see the rest. We had a super fun time and what a great experience!! Thanks again!!

  6. Ashley and Eric- great pics!!!(much better than the ones i saw taken last weekend-lol) Otis and James did a great job and looks like you had a lot of fun taking them too- Can’t wait for the wedding- take care-love ya, auntie


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