Rachel & Reggie

Alright! Alright! I know you’re anxious to hop aboard the Otis & James WayBack Machine for another exciting adventure! I KNOW! But the WayBack Machine had some radiator problems this past week, and it’s totally been in the shop for like twice as long as they said it was going to be. You know how that goes…you bring it in for the radiator, and then they discover that sombody has shoved a bananna in your tailpipe, and your windshield washer fluid has been replaced by butter pecan syrup, and what you had thought was a radio is actually a cardboard cutout, and in the end, it turns out that the WayBack Machine is going to be in the shop for quite a while longer than you expected.

Really, have you ever tried to find a mechanic that can actually service a WayBack Machine? Luckily, there’s a guy that lives near Mohall, and he used to work at a WayBack Machine dealership during the 1970’s, and he’s totally THA MAN when it comes to working on these things, but, since he knows that he’s the only person that you’re going to find to work on these things, you can only imagine what the cost is. Thank goodness he does that ‘trade for services’ thing with us…the unfortunate part for us is that we are not just shooting pics for him, but for his children, his childrens children, and his childrens childrens children. Seriously…WayBack Machines are a pain. You may think that you want one, but in the end you’re just left with something that looks like a ’77 Monte Carlo, get’s .0000000000012 MPG, and all of your neighbors hate looking at in your driveway.

Which brings us to Reggine & Rachel! All aboard! Next stop…a space in time known as not this past Saturday, but this past Saturday past! You heard me right, children of the blog, that’s two Saturdays ago! We’re travelling all the way to a land called…well…the other side of Minot. So, we’re totally going to have time to stop at Loaf-n-Jug on the way there and get a couple of burrito’s (while the car was in the shop, I had them put a little dorm fridge and a microwave in the backseat…but we’ll have to wait to enjoy them until after this post is ovah.)

The reason for this epic journey in a machine so unsafe/unsanitary is the wedding of the suphadupah couple that we call, in fact, the whole world calls Rachel & Reggie! Ahhh shucks, man…what a totally and completely righteously rocking day it was, and how lucky good ol’ Otis & James were to be a part of the magical fantastical that was their wedding!

I could go on and on and on and on with all sorts of words. Some fancy, and others just plain misused. I fear, however, that all of these words would bore you even more than normal, and I know how much you want to get those sweet ‘ritos in the microwave. So I shall now just extend our love and congratulations to this wonderful couple, and to all of you out there in the land of blog that I like to think of being my super special friends – Enjoy!

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