The Family Barta!

I tell you what, People of Blog (POB’s), part of our job is getting to know many different people. Seriously, did I just type that sentence? Jimminy Christmas, an opening sentence like that is from the worst career day speech ever given to a sixth grade class.

Hello students. My name is Otis, and I’m from Otis & James Photography, and I am…as my name implies, a Photographer, or – as I like to think of myself – a ‘Moment Capturer/Dream Giver’ [ed. Visualize air quotes]. Part of my job is getting to know many different people. Do any of you like knowing people? Hands? Come one now, raise your hands…none of you like knowing people? Alright, well, moving on…

Really. That’s just plain depressing. Let’s start this thing up again.

We’ve had the good gosh greatly sweetly pleasure of working with the children of this lovely family over the past year or so, and now it was time to work with the entire beautiful bunch! They all knew the way to the FunCenter, the only difference was that one and all were getting in front of the camera this time! How exciting!

We had wondered where the children of this incredible group got their sweet skillz from, and once we started working with the whole group it quickly became evident that the skillz had been handed down from the leaders (notice how I didn’t use the world ‘elders’…thank you very much…but then again, ‘leaders’ makes it sound like they have been elected into power…hmmm…may have to rethink everything…not now, but at some point), as the children were good, but the whole group was fantastical!

MuchLove from all in the land of Otis & James to this sweet fam for taking some time to pay us a visit, and to all of you sitting by the warm glow of your computers out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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