The Family Stehley!

We’re almost gonna have to fire up the WayBack Machine for this one, as I’m pretty sure that it occured in another year (but I’ll spare you…I know how the smell of exhaust makes you feel ‘weird), but instead I’m going to ask you to visualize a time and a space that we had the sweetlyawesome good fortune of working with the one and only Family Stehley for some super sweet FamilySnaps!

Guess what. No, I’m not pregnant. Nope. Didn’t meet the Pope. Alright, I’m tired of your guesses, so I’ll just tell you: They rocked!

We had a wonderful time working with this…wait for it…wonderful family, and we would like to spend a couple of words now thanking them for stopping by the FunCenter and giving us a little bit of their sweet and prescious time! Without any further delay, I present The Family Stehley – Enjoy!

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