MM v.2 :: The Family White Edition!

Keeping the good time family vibes going down at the FunCenter (and, did you know that the vibes in the FunCenter are the type that are fully transferable to our new studio? Just a factoid for you, our loyal readers of blog) was none other than new friends of The Empire of Otis & James (you can just call us o&j if you would like…we won’t get all fancy on ya), The Family White!

Now, even though I’ve been doing this for over 28 years (I’m kidding, this is actually the evil twin of Otis, Flotis, and I’ve actually secretly replaced him a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, nobody has noticed so far, and I’m not quite sure what evil plan it is that I’m supposed to be hatching, so I’m kind of an evil twin without direction…interesting, huh?), I still can not understand how it is that a family such as this can come down to the FunCenter and make it all look so effortless?

Do they have classes that you can attend? FamilyPhotog 101? And if so, why am I not teaching? I was supposed to be a teacher, after all, and that might be the perfect opportunity…because, this photography thing gives me all sorts of free time for that?

OK. I’m not even sure where it is that I am right now, or what it is that I am supposed to be doing, but judging by the loverly photographs that are just a little bit away, I would think that now is the point in the story where I give mad props and MuchLove to The Family White for giving us a little bit of their sweet sweet family time! It was well worth it, because the final results were, quite simply, fantabulous! There is no need for additional words, we should now just sit back, relax, and – Enjoy!

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  1. you guys look awesome! very cute pictures!i hope i get at least one 🙂 once again, adorable pics. love you guys!!!

  2. Hey, really loved the pictures. These are just great, like Laci, I sure hope I get one….
    Love you lots,

  3. Great pics. I just got the info from Jerry @ Briles’ breakfast. Hope to see you.
    Lorrie Briles


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