The Family Schnaible!

Now, I consider myself to be kind of what you would call a ‘wordsmith’. You know, one that is good with the words. I’m always using them, I’m always typing them, and a lot of the time I am saying them. Now, not too many other people out there in the land that exists outside of my com-pu-tah (I have been trying to convince myself that such a land does exist, but for the time being I’m going to stick with the world of my 12″ PowerBook, if I can get some sort of evidence that there is a world out there that does exist outside of my laptop, please give a call and let me know about it) may think that I am a wordsmith…I think I shall call it WordSmith – that seems to be a little bit more in line with ‘PowerBook, FunCenter,’), in fact some may consider me to be a blight upon the world of words (which, coincidentally was also the title for the worst science fiction movie ever made) that exists, but I’m gonna put those voices to the back of my head, and keep on thinking that I am a purveyor of all things goodly word. Why, you are probably asking, am I mentioning this? Because before the day of our shoot with The Family Schnaible, I thought that I knew the meaning of the word ‘cute’!

You see, after working with them (and please, to call it work is a joke…that’s like calling running through a field of dasies work), I had to redefine what I knew this word to be, because they were the total and complete definition of the word! Not only were they all totaly cute, but the shoot couldn’t have been any sweeter!

Well, I think that I have taken up too much of your time with such silly words as these, and it shall now be the time when we put all of this tom-foolery away and gaze with love upon the sweetly samplesnaps that are, The Famiily Schnaible – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Jason you look absolutely marvelous, kids look good too. Miss having dinner with Nicole at the Signal Realty Christmas parties.

    Having dinner with your parents tonight and your mom wanted to see these photos, so I’m copying them for her. very very nice

    We are good friends with the photographer, Jaime, she is our daughter’s best friend from High School. She’s really talented.


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