Tyler & Ryan!

The MagicalFantastical journey of picto-snaps that is all things o&j continued with a visit from a couple of Brah’s (that’s the køølio way of saying ‘brother’s’ – you do want to be cool now, don’t you?) that we called Tyler & Ryan! Not only do we call them this, but so does the rest of the World, well, I guess I don’t know if they are called this in Zimbawe, but I’m assuming so, but the ponderance (I’m not even going to look that up to see if it is a word, I’m just going to assume that it is, and 7 times out of 84 I am correct in my assumptions…and that’s a pretty good average, right?) of such questions is not why I have come to you, my faithful of the blog in a day such as today (and again, I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what a ‘day such as today’ really is, like, there is nothing in my mind that jumps out and is differentiating this from any other, but just stick with me here…OK?) is because of our supersweet time we had working with the awesome duo of Tyler & Ryan!

They karate-kicked their way through the doors of the FunCenter (well, I’m not sure if they really did this, but I find that any story becomes all the better if a karate-kick is added – i.e. ‘last night I went to church for Ash Wednesday’ – now, this statement is relatively ordinary, but when changed to ‘last night I karate-kicked my way into church for Ash Wednesday’ – the sentence literally jumps off the page. Literally. But, I don’t even know where I’m at with Tyler & Ryan anymore, so I think it’s time for me to jump back into that…here goes), and into our hearts with a totally awesome shoot!

We had a wonderouslyfab time working with these two (and personal assistant), and we would like to give them a big FunCenter high-five, and a helping of MuchLove for stopping down, and for all of you out there in land of blog on a day such as today – Enjoy!

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