Now, one might think (and I’m not sure who this ‘one’ is, and where they claim to be, or how it is they hold some sort of a monopoly on the goings on of the World, or anything else for that matter) that we would eventually hit some sort of a ceiling on the amount of rocking that happens at the Center of Fun, or, as it is more commonly known, the FunCenter. One, however, would be wrong (I do enjoy proving this ‘one’ wrong, and any time that I can do it, I sit back and relish the moment, all the while enjoying a hot dog with relish, and there is no pun or coincidence going down, it is just how I like to enjoy these moments), as the amount of rocking going on at said FunCenter only keeps on keeping on, and their is no end in sight.

Take, for example, the one & only, the talented & lovely Katie! She graced us with her presence at some point during the not so distant past, and she did so not just out of the goodness of her heart, but also because she knew that the setting for ‘Rock’ at the Center for Fu…I mean FunCenter has been stuck at 11 for the past two years now.

I will admit, there are times when it would seem, when the mythical ‘one’ might think that we would like a break from the constant hard rocking ways of this Center for Fun I have spoke of. Again, however, ‘one’ would be wrong. It is as if we are at a never-ending concert with the hardest rocking bands of all time. That’s just how crazy it can get.

I digress. We are not here to think of the worlds greatest concert, and how it would affect the future of civilization. No, my friends, we are here to say MuchLove & ManyThanks to Katie for stopping by the FunCenter and spreading some sunshine our way! And, to all of my faithful of the blog getting all antsy for another post – Enjoy!

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  1. omg katie these pictures are adorable … can’t wait to see the rest.. im totally excited to get my taken i’m even getting them done at otis and james:) anyways, thse are way!! cute..**tory rae**


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