Megan & Chase!

Dig now, if you will. I think that a Prince song starts like that. Wait..something like, ‘Dig if you will a picture’. Yes. Prince. I like that, very much. Dig if you will, my peeps of blog, a picture. Dig if you will, many pictures. Many happy beautiful pictures, and this time these pictures that I want you to dig are of a wonderous couple that we, for conversation sake, shall come to know as Megan & Chase!

They came down to Center For Fun & The Study of The Effects of Helium Exposure To Create Funny Voice (CFF&TSOTEOHETCFV) to get some sweetlysweet! Now, if you don’t mind here, I’m going to take a moment for us all to go down a road that I like to call ‘Digression Avenue’ (I almost wrote ‘Transgression Avenue’, but I don’t know if all you all really want to go down that road with me quite yet). Now, your old Uncle Otis (aging by the minute), due to his actions during the majority of the 1990’s and the first few years of the 2000’s, his memory can get…well…we’ll just call it ‘kind of hazy.’ And sometimes, when writing these entries, he has to (and yes, I do love refering to myself in the third person – I feel so much more official, or creepy, or something like that) rely upon notes that are scrawled on various surfaces (his hand, forehead, etc.). And sometimes, he gets the det’s (that’s kØØlio speak for ‘details’) all mixed up. Names, dates, times, etc., all fall into a strange realm of no return, and your Uncle Otis starts to get liberally relaxed with all the info.

Now, I’m sure that most of you are sitting there in your comfortable houses and homes and what not of Blogville wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, let me give it to you straight, my fellow people of blog. I am going to say that the one and only, the ever-lovely Megan & Chase came down to Center of Fun for some sweetlysweet (and for all of you that are still living in the land of ‘squaresville’, that means ‘engagement photo-graphs’), but there is a pretty good chance that they just came down for bf/gf shots (and people, please…I’m not going to explain to you what those abbrev’s mean), and if that’s the case, then I’m going to be starting some pretty crazy rumors about this wonderous couple. I’ve always wondered what the consequences would be if I were to confuse something like that. Like, what if I were to make this mistake, and the next day their parents were to look at bloggityblog and suddenly find themselves thinking that they have been left out of the loop on some pretty seriously big news…but alas…that is not the case with this gor-ge-ous couple.

You see, while I’ve been typing this epically longwinded post, I’ve done a little bit of research, and I have a verdict for you. Yes, they are getting married. Yes, these are But I knew all of this already, I just needed to fully activate my brain, and I soonly realized that we are even going to have the goodly great pleasure of working with Megan & Chase on their wedding day! HipHop…Hooray!

Well, the Gettysburg Address was shorter than this, and I do believe that it is time for us to put all of these words to bed, and get to the goods..and thats the samplesnaps. MuchLove & ManyThanks to Megan & Chase for stopping down to Center of Fun for the snaps, and to all of my constituents out there in land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. YaY!..megan ur pics are gorgeous*..i saw all of them..and they are amazing..and im deffinately excited for your wedding!!!..WOoHOo..cant wait!!


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