TBWMYF v.1 :: The Samuel Edition.

If perhaps, you were to stop by the FunCenter at some point during this past week or two here, then perhaps (and, I know I’m rocking the word ‘perhaps’ right now, but ‘perhaps’ I’m just going to keep on using it until I think that it’s wore out its welcome…and I’m thinking that this is not going to happen any time soon) you would have had the goodlygreat pleasure of witnessing the righteous shoot of one man, one person, one good soul (in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about the same person here, not three people…you gotta stick with me here people, my mind is ablaze) that goes by the name of Samuel.

This person (and, could that sound any more clinical? It sounds as if I’m writing up notes for a scientific study, and I assure you…I am no scientist, but I will admit that I often times wear a lab coat and demand that the FunCenter Underlings ((and unless your name is Jamie, you fall into this category)) call me Doctor, but enough about me, let’s get back to the subject matter here) came into our lives to partake in a little ditty that we like to call, ‘Senior Snaps’, ‘Senior Pics’, or ‘supersweetlyseniorsnaps.’ Any of the titles will work.

He waltzed on in (and people, I’m speaking with what I like to call ‘flowery language’ here, he did not actually come dancing in like some sort of an extra from ‘Guys & Dolls’) to the Center for FunCenter Research (which, is like a mirror looking into itself) and tore it up, all crazy like. He actually tore the studio in half. I’m kidding. Again, I’m using colorful language (does that mean that I’m swearing?) to tell you that we had a great time working with Samuel, and the goods that were got were worthy to be called sweetlysweet. USDA approved, sweetlysweet.

ManyThanks & MuchLove to Samuel for stopping down and paying us a visit, and to all of my goodly clean people of the blog – Enjoy!

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