TBWMYF v.2 :: The Family Mack Edition!

Whadda do? I’m not sure that I really know what that means, or if I’m ever going to truly understand what that means, but I do declare it the spot that we shall jump off at. You see, my Goodly People of the Blog, you have got to start somewhere with these things, and I’m always looking for a new way to do it. Kind of like when Dan Rather wanted to sign off his newscast with the word ‘Courage’, and we really didn’t know what it was all about other than to think that good ol’ Dan was kind of off his rocker, but it didn’t really change how we felt about him, ’cause the news still seemed pretty solid (well, then there was that whole ‘What’s the frequency Kenneth?’ thing, and that does seem a little odd, but I still like him), so ‘Whadda Do’† seems like as good a thing to say as anything else.

Alas, my Faithful of the Blog (FOB’s..not to be confused with ‘Friends of Bill’, and I’m talking about instructors at Minot State, not Clinton), I have not come here to speak of straight nonsense here, I have come to you today to tell you the good news that doors of FunCenter opened up, and into our lives came The Family Mack!

We had a wonderous time working with this truly wonderful family, and when it came time for the shoot to end, our hearts filled with a little sadness. Before any of us could shed tears, however, we all had a moment of sweet realization that we would always have the blog to hold our memories, and they can always schedule more appointments if their o&j jones creeps up again.

MuchLove & ManyThanks (did you see, I switched it up a little bit there!) to The Family Mack for brightening up FunCenter, and to my FOB’s – Enjoy!

All Content ©2007 Otis & James Photography

†Stolen From MSUM Students. Go Dragons.

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