Give it up for Christina & Ryan!

For some reason, I’m going to have all of you out there in cyberspace gather ’round my “Virtual Bonfire.” Why? Because I said so. With that said, we’re going to pretend that it is dark out, we’re located near a forest, and the fire is a blazing. Old Man Otis has his old Toyota Cressida pulled up next to the fire, and is sitting on the hood. Queen James is very busy roasting marshmallows, while at the same time Kinzo scares the local woodland creatures. Roo and Emily Monstah are throwing sticks at each other, and I, (Milo) am chopping wood with my deluxe hatchet axe, with my flannel shirt open to give me the whole “rugged woodsman” effect.

Now the rest of you can pretend you’re doing one of the following —

1) Dancing to Haddaway’s “What is Love” pumping
from the speakers of the Cressida
2) Protecting the woodland creatures from Kinzo
3) Skinny dipping (but that is scandalous and you
probably shouldn’t because if Uncle Otis finds out
you will be banished from the Virtual Bonfire)
4) Skipping stones across a neat little pond
5) Star gazing for constellations, even though you
don’t know ONE SINGLE constellation besides the
Dippers; you should have paid more attention in
science class, right? right?! RIGHT!? Thought so!


6) Hanging out with Christina & Ryan!

Now don’t get too excited, we can’t have all of you around the Virtual Bonfire wanting to hang out with Christina & Ryan. It’s just not fair to them. They can’t help how terrific they are. They can’t help that they just give off an “aura of fun, and an “atmosphere of originality.”

They just do what they do because they were born that way. THEY CAN’T HELP IT.

Here they are for all to see… Chris and Ry, Ryan and Christina, CHRISTINA and RYAN!


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