GABO v.14 :: The Holly Edition!

My friends of blog…I have come back to save you from the reign of Milo, and his feeble attempt at a coup in the land of blog, and what better way to steer the ship back to safety than with a visit from the one and only, the ever-lovely and always bright, shining and sparkly Holly!

Now, I don’t want you to think that she walked into FunCenter of Fun dressed up like some sort of a mirrored ball, I am instead speaking in what I like to call ‘metaphorical’ terms…and that means that I am using what some might call ‘flowery-words’ to describe something, someplace, or somebody. In this case, I am meaning that when Holly walks through the glass doors of love that lead to all things Fun and Center, the studio (remember now, on the weekend it is called ‘Studes’, but we find ourselves at the dreaded Monday once again, and we will have to wait until sunset on Friday ((took a cue from Judaic tradition on that one)) before we can call it this again, so until we find ourselves at that spot, we must resort to Studio or FunCenter…ummmmmmm…yes, now that we have this straight, back to the matter at hand) lights up and a happy feeling fills the room!

Now, I suppose that you are sitting there in your happy little blog homes wondering why it is that this is (does that sentence make any sense whatsoever? It feels Seuss-esque in some way), and the only answer that I can come up with is that Holly is all things wonderful, and she is a total and complete rockstar when it comes to all things FunCenter! We always have wonderful time + 100 whenever she comes here (did you hear that? We have a wonderful time + 100!! That’s Madness!!), and we would like to give her MadProps, MuchLove & ManyThanks for gracing us with her presence once again!

Well, I think we should step away from all these silly words and get to the point of why you all you all you all are here. In case you have forgotten, it’s to see the samplesnaps. So, without any further delay, I present Holly – Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Holly,

    Your pictures are beautiful! Hmmmm, don’t seem to have any myself!


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