GABO v.19 :: The LJ & Reba Finale Edition!

I’m sure all of you out there in the WoB know Little Jesse and Becca, nephew and sister of the great Queen James, Snapmaster Extraordinaire. But do you know their alter egos LJ and Reba? The mother/son dynamic crimefighting duo? That’s right, wherever there is milk spilled, toddler missing, or babysitting needed… no toy goes unturned with LJ and Reba. They are superheroes of the finest order. How do I know this? Well, it seems like it was just yesterday…

I was in the CFATB [Center For All Things Blog] one day, chatting with Old Man Otis. Nothing too exciting was happening that day, besides Kinzo bursting into flames and the Queen practicing karate chops in the hallway. Normal. Oridinary. The Old Man and I were about to put on our matching crocs and go for lunch when horror struck. Anyone who is anyone knows that the official robot of Otis & James, Orlace Hanes, has an arch enemy named Photis Lames. So, in his never-ending pursuit to destroy Orlace, Photis sent a legion of deadly microbots to attack us.

Otis screamed like a little girl. “Help me Orlace!” he cried.

Orlace Hanes powered up. “NOT ON MY WATCH,” he declared. His rocket boosters kicked in as he took off toward the microbots. Arlace Janes, his girlfriend, also took off to assist her man.




Orlace and Arlace were on the ground smoking before you could say… something people say very fast. “What are we going to do?” Otis said between sobs. “Our security team has been destroyed!” There was a flash of light and a poof of smoke. There in the doorway stood LJ AND REBA in their matching black leather outfits.

“You’re going down microbots!” yelled Reba. She took off her cape and in one swift maneuver trapped all the flying microbots inside it. She then bashed it against the floor so LJ could run his trucks over them.

“HAULT,” said Photis as he made his way into th CFATB.

“Go son!” said Reba. “I’ll take care of these microbots, but you have to go save Uncle Otis from Photis Lames!” LJ took off toward Photis with stunning speed. He did a scissor kick in the air which sent Photis crashing against the wall.

“BUBYE,” said LJ as he threw a bottle of water at Mr. Lames, causing him to short circuit and explode. The world was safe another day, thanks to the heroics of the unstoppable LJ & Reba! We had them stop by recently to thank them for all their hard work, so here’s a sweet taste of the greatness that is LJ & Reba, Enjoy!

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  1. BeCCA you are hot!

    LJ not to shabby!

    however you should both be wearing tapered pants in these snaps and i love them so much more!

    here is to bratwurst and chicken salad!

    YUM YUM!!!


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