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Hark ye, Citizens of Blog! I come to you with joyous news! No, Benjamin D. did not get a robot arm, and Jamie Di’n’t sign nuthin…NO NO! The news I have is much more better (or, as we used to say back in the day, ‘bettah’)! And yes, I do know that calling something more better is not really how one should go about with proper grammar, but this news is so exciting that I can think of no other way to describe it! Ladies & Gents…here goes!

This past Saturday, the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun and Robot Foot Studies (O&JCFFARFS) opened up its doors for the second annual MHS Prom Extravaganza! As usual, it was all things goodly great, with a side of ranch, and wrapped in love! We had a wonderously fantastic time, and wish that Prom could be every day of the week, but then what would be special about it? All deep philosophical questions aside, we would like to thank everyone for turning out in the rain, and we would like to give ManyThanks & MuchLove to all of our PrommyPrommers, and to our faithful of blog!

AND…just a reminder…the full gallery of pics will be going up this Saturday, so don’t be calling up Kinzey Poo Poo & Benny Boo Boo with your questions until then!

OK, now here comes the tricky part, in just a second, you are going to see a link that says something like ‘Continue reading (TITLE OF POST HERE)…’, and I would suggest that you would click on it, because when you do, your computers are going to explode with the hotness that is, MHS Prom 2007!

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  1. BOMB DIGS o and j!!!!

    i love all of them!!! they are SWEET!!!!!!!!!

    thank you so much!

    fun was had my all!!! on that rainy saturday!

  2. That was a fun night, to bad I didn’t get to stop by, anyways, mad props for the photos, I’ve never seen Chris shrug his shoulders higher…

  3. its a good thing there are so many wonderful dresses and nicely dressed guys for you to take such wonderful pictures of! wonder where the majority of these came from?! haha love the pics!

  4. the prom pictures are awesome! you guys did a good job! and the prom goers look stunning!

  5. wow, you guys do extraordinary work… if only I could go back to the prom days where parents freely handed you money and bought your date’s dinner, i sure would have liked to attend this. i think i’m due for a socialize in the dungeon. see you this next week!

    fantastic pics btw

  6. Amanda and Levi are the cutest couple on here!!!…i wish i could of come and seen you amanda u looked gorgeous!!!


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