SweetlySweets Good Times With The Family Spear!

Do you ever feel like your experiencing what is commonly known as déja vu? For example, right now, do you feel like you’ve traversed these words and images of blog before, perhaps you knew who it was you were looking for, perhaps you didn’t even know why it was that you were coming here. Perhaps you stumbled upon the blog and liked shiny pics, or maybe you were sitting there at your computer hitting the refresh button over and over again in hopes that this next time would bring the post that you had been waiting for.

Come to think of it, maybe this is all one big case of déja vu, and we have only momentarily slipped away from our normal existences and have been running in a paralell existence whilst our normal life keeps up with us, albeit we do not know – or for that matter can not even comprehend – what it is that is occuring, in the same way that I’m pretty sure nobody out there (or for that matter, nobody inside of my head ((that’s me)) can comprehend this sentence…well…perhaps some of our more ‘far out’ ((and I do love to use the quotes when describing people – if you were sitting right here next to me as I was speaking this, you know I would be doing some serious air quotes…AHH YEEEEEEAAAAAH…AIR QUOTES! LEMMEEE HEAR YOU HOLLA FOR AIR QU…um…I’m sorry about that…I don’t know what just went on there…lemee see now, where was I…oh yes, we need to get out of these double parentheses…and here we go)) citizens of blog will be sitting there in their ((and just how much do I love using ‘their and there in the same sentence!))) sweet bean bags putting some serious ponderance upon what it is that I have just written, but that’s just the minority, and once Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes on, all ponderance pretty much stops) can really understand what it is that this sentence, or paragraph – if you will – means. So we will stop and move on.

Yes, The Family Spear stopped by our studio, and it felt like a good ol’ case of déja vu, as – once again – they were totally and completely awesome to work with! But, dear citizens of blog, you already know this, because absolutely every single one of our clients are totally and completely wonderful to work with (yes, it is normal if you start drowing in the cheese that we are currently swimming in), and The Family Spear is no exception to this! Now, we shall put all of these silly words behind us, say MuchLove & ManyThanks to one and all for stopping by the FunCenter, and to you – my dear friends of blog, I say this – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. As always you guys were WONDERFUL to work with and we totally enjoyed our O&J experience! Each pic captures something unique about our family of 4 girls. Thanks and much love!

  2. Those are our beautiful girls! What a wonderful family pic! All of the pictures are awesome. Great job!


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