The Family Spengler!

We here at the FunCenter, we like many things. Things such as cats (well, actually, as it turns out only me & LouLou like cats a whole bunch, & the others range from merely tolerating them to fully disliking them ((some have even said that cats go out of their way to specifically bother them just because them don’t like them…well…perhaps they do, and they only do this because they are just that smart))), doggies named Suze, the internets & twice weekly showers…ummm…perhaps TMI (and even though I’ve done my best to get all of you up to sweetlykool status, there are probably a few of you that would like to know that TMI means ‘Too Much Information’…the more you know, huh?), but enough about us.

Yes, back to the things that we like, and another thing that we like (seriously, my writing was progressing well until I reached the fourth grade, and then it kind of plateaued) is when we have a return superhappyfamily such as The Family Spengler!

(ed. I’m going to break that down for you and let you know that this means it was a return visit from The Family Spengler. Now, back to the rambling from Old Man Otis)

It was a joyously happy time in the world of FunCenter as our old friends lit up the joint (ed. wha?) with their absolutely gorgeous smiles and shining personalities! Time absolutely flew by, and the goodlygoods & sweetlysweets were captured with skill and grace! I’m not quite sure what that means, but let me break it down for you without the assistance from this ‘ed.’ person that keeps cropping up around here – they totally & completely rocked…as usual!

MuchLove to one and all from The Family Spengler for stopping by and giving us a little bit of their sweet time, and to all of my oh-so-patient peeps of the blog – Enjoy!

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