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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. ali! you’re so gorgeous..i love your pictures the first one is my favorite. hopefully see you soon..i miss you!!
    love laura

  2. Ali! Your pictures are great! I love the first and last ones! Can’t wait to see the rest. I’ll see you in Jamestown.

  3. Ali
    you are more beautiful every day. My favorite is the first one.
    love ya gramma l.

  4. ok. i think you need to tone it down a little. . mom and grandma got a little too excited! 😉 Very Cute pics little lady! I never knew you could be so seductive. . its hot.
    love you

  5. ali. these are gorgeous. i better get one or two or three. very pretty. good job.
    -love kenzie

  6. daaaang girl. aren’t you just the cutest lil thing! 🙂 i love your pictures… they turned out VERY cute. i can’t wait to see the rest of them! You better save some for you big sister from another motha.

  7. ali those are so cute and amazing! i’m in love! and i can’t wait to see the rest!
    love ya sista!

  8. Hey Little Girl,
    Your all grown up!!! And very beautiful!! I love the pink and black.
    Sooooooo hot
    Luv Ya Shelli

  9. Hey Good Lookin, What ya got cookin?
    Love your pictures, can’t wait to see the rest of them
    LOVE YOU Dad


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