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  1. These pictures look awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest. Tory, I can tell you had a lot of fun during your session, just like I knew you would. I love you and miss you, Little Sister.

  2. Tory you are amazing! I’m proud to say you’re my sister!! As sad as this whole senior thing is going to be for me, I’m very excited for you. I love you baby sister!! Tam

    As for the wonderful people at the Fun Center, you all are super people! You made my sister feel very beautiful! She loved every minute of it… You also made me feel very welcome just hanging out there. Thank you!!

  3. HEYYY!!! Tory those pictures are gorgeous…:):) I absolutely love them your a beautiful girl and you looked like you had alot of FUNNN!! luv ya hotstuff

  4. Wow Tory, look at you! And to think I held you as a baby! (Funny how you’ve changed, and I haven’t!!! HA!!!) You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. I hope your senior year is good to you, and that God blesses you all your life long. Remember, if you need anything along the way, we are all here for you.

    Aunt Debbie 🙂


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