Check it out. We’re now going to take a trip back in time, to a land and a space that I like to affectionately call ‘Last Week’. The details are fuzzy…I can barely remember anything other than the doors of the FunCenter opening up, and a man by the name of Brandon making his presence known at the Center for Fun (FunCenter, for all you squares…wait, I think I have that backwards…whichever.)

Actually, we have a buzzer that goes off whenever anyone walks into the studio, so he really didn’t pull some sort of mystic thang with us, it was more of a technology thang (which, coincidentally is the title of my new trance-house-industrial CD that I’m releasing next month…buy it today!) Regardless of how we knew it, we did.

After we had that out of the way, we sauntered to the ‘magic-zone’ (which, is the title of my new country-tonk album I’m releasing next month) for pictography, and made the magic happen (ed. Seriously, what the flip are you talking about??), and it was awesome!

ManyThanks & MuchLove to Brandon for making a little o&j time, and to all of my good peeps out there in the inner and outer areas of Blogville – Enjoy!

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