Heidi & Chris!

Sometimes people come to FunCenter thinking that, contrary to its name, it’s not going to be all that fun. They think that they’re gonna stumble in, there’s going to be an older severe German woman sitting at the front desk, holding nothing more than a ruler and a whip, and that once you’ve checked in with her, she will then lead you to our basement all-cement & fluorescent lit studio, to the steel bench in the corner, and then somebody will wander out of a door marked ‘Danger/Flammable’ holding a Polaroid camera, (did I mention that the only sound is of a clock ticking?), an after a period where the photographer cracks their knuckles, a four-hour long shoot commences.

Well, to those of you that think this – you’re wrong. Jamie isn’t that old.

[cue rimshot]

No No NO! It is nothing like this! Proof of which can be found with superlovely friends of o&j, none other than Heidi & Chris! Now, perhaps going into it, they may have wondered what it was going to be like, and they may have even thought, ‘crap…I could be at home on my couch right now’, but, as soon as they realized that FunCenter is not just a name, it is a frame of Mind, all was well!

Not only did they dig it, they were good at it too! Wahoo for Heidi & Chris! Wahooo for Fun! Wahoooo for all my peeps of Blog reading this! WAHOO FOR EVERYONE! Well, not bad people, just good people. OK, we gotta wrap this thing up, but before I go, gotta give MuchLove to Heidi & Chris for stopping down, and to all my happy peeps of blog all chirping away in your trees – Enjoy!

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