The Children Duggins!

Hello…is this thing on…ahh yes…there you are. Welcome, good people of blog, to yet another installment of ‘bliggity-blog’, with your host, Mr. Otis (some people call me sparklepants, and you can too if you would like, but something tells me you’re just going to stick with Mr. Otis, and we probably should during normal business hours…if, however, you were to see me on the street late at night, wandering down by the singing Christmas tree on Main Street that hasn’t quite yet received the memo about the fact that January is almost over, and yet it continues – gallantly, or maybe valiantly, I might add – to belt out our most beloved holiday hits…well, if you were to see me standing and staring at the tree, and wanted to yell out ‘Hey…Sparklepants!’, I would most definitely respond to your call.)

Today, in bliggitly-blog land, I give you…The Children Duggins! Man, oh man, these lovely young models…well, at least I thought they were models, because mere normal children couldn’t be this good. Really now, they must have spent days and hours (that doesn’t make much sense to put days and then hours, but I just woke up from a two-hour late-in-the-day nap, and I’m not quite sure of much right now, let alone my use of words) practicing for this time…what’s that…I’m just getting word in that these were in fact actual real children…they were not models. I do not know how this is possible, because they were so good.

Some things, my Friends of Blog (FOB’s, if you must), are better left not understood. Instead of trying to figure all of this out, let us instead thank these wonderful children for taking a little time out from their busy lives and giving us some sweet photo-graphic love here at the ol’ FunCenter! MuchLove to one and all involved with the shoot, and to you good people of Blogville that wait so patiently – Enjoy!

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