Last Great Summer…Heck Yes.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Well, if you haven’t been waiting for it, you should have been, because it’s time for us to give some sweet & mellow (that kind of sounds like some sort of a sugar substitute, or a form of R&B ((rascals & badgers, to those of you that didn’t know)), or a somewhat lewd dance in which the participant needs to lock eye contact in order to correctly initiate that ‘sweet & mellow’…ok…I have no idea that that means, and now back to your regular words) [ed. Seriously, what the flip, man?] love to new superbuddies to o&j, Last Great Summer!

Now, however, is not the time for me to go all crazylike with the words, as we need to get to the goods. Gotta give the love to Last Great Summer (they’re a band, by the way ((I would have used ‘btw’, but I know that would have caused your brains to explode)), and a wonderful band at that!), and to all my good citizens of blogville blissfully unaware that I am awake typing these words in the middle of the night – Enjoy!

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