Oh yes, hello there! I didn’t see you there, lurking in the digital front hedges of my bliggitly bloggity home. What’s that you say? You’re here because you would like to see some more lovely pictosnap goodness? Yes? Well, how ’bout you come on out from the bushes, and sit yourself down, because I’ve got some good news for you. Ready for it? Well, here goes: I’ve got some new supersweet samplesnaps to put up, and this time…and you better be ready for this…they are of the SuperFantastic Mallory!

OK! Calm down! You know you’re gonna hyper-ventilate and get all weird if you don’t relax, so sit back and listen to a little story, the story of a day oh so wonderful, that was made even more wonderful by the addition of Mallory to the FunCenter! She came down here not for our prize winning chili, oh no, she stopped on by for some SeniorSnaps! And you want to know what…she got some! Yepper! I bet you were thinking that we were going to say that we told her we were out of them, and that she would have to come back again, but alas…we did no such thing!

Ahh shucks, our time with Mallory was all too short & sweet (my nickname during my Sophmore year of high school, fyi), but we’ll always have these samplesnaps just a few words below to remind us of the pictoriffic goodness that was our time together! MuchLove to Mallory for giving some of her sweet & prescious (my nickname during my Junior year of high school, iyf) time to us, and to all of my good peeps of blog getting ready to take on another day – Enjoy!

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