For those of you that haven’t already met her, let me introduce to you Suzanne, or – to her friends – Suzie! She’s the official doggie of Otis & James, and she would like to meet you. It’s her birthday this month, and we’re having a sale to celebrate – click HERE to find out more info!

In addition to the sale, she also wanted to have a photo shoot to celebrate. She did all of her favorite poses: straight ahead, to the left, and to the right. She’s been working on them, and I think it shows. She’s pictured in a chair (she loves a good chair), and on a block (she has spent many a good hour staring at Main Street from those same blocks…there’s so many people to bark it on Main Street…so little time.)

If you happen to see her this month, give her a birthday pet (or – preferably – a belly scratch), and she’ll most likely give you a kiss!

o&j (suzie too!)

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  1. oh wow i totally sat in that chair, awesomeness, hows that for randomosity i have sat where great things have also sat and ok a lot of other people.
    ~timmy (photo shoot 2/2/08)


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