Allison & Mark!

Well hello there my good friends of Blog! There’s no need to worry your pretty little blog heads, as we are back in the pilot seat (pilot seat…captains chair…leader sitting device – they’re all the same) and ready to take control of the StarShip OJ (again, in no way is it affiliated with anybody with the first named ‘Orenthal’, but there is a ‘James’. Thank you, parents, for not naming me ‘Orenthal’, as we totally would have had to of had ((could those words have been any stranger a combination?)) named the business something else, and that would have been lame, because we would have been all ‘Tender Moments Photogratorium’, and nobody would have wanted to have visited us then, as anything with ‘orium’ in it is not any fun for anyone) and take us back to a time, oh so not so long ago when we had the good pleasure of working with our new friends, Allison & Mark!

They did not come here to hear (again, a strange combination of words) ol’ otis sing 14 of his favorite sea shanty’s (album dropping in June), or to hear James recite her favorite recipes (you should really hear the one for corn dog’s and mac & cheese), no no no. They came here for some supersweet!

They, my good people of blog, did not disappoint! They sweetly rocked, they sweetly rolled, and – between you & me – let’s just say that the results were fantastic! Why oh why must you listen to me rattle on and on about it, you should probably just let the samplesnaps be your proof. One more thing. MuchLove to Allison & Mark for giving us a little bit of their time, and to all my good and patient peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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