Shaun & Johnathon!

Next up on they ride of action, thrills and non-stop excitement that is all thing Otis & James was a visit from none other than two good people that I will call Shaun & Johnathon! And you know what, you can call them that too! Because those are their names, and it would not be right to call them anything else. But you know that, as the People of Blog (POB’s) are a smart & peaceful people, bringing nothing but sunshine & love & hot dogs (I’m not so sure why it is the POB’s always feel the need to bring hot dogs whenever they come around, but I don’t mind) to everyone they meet! But enough about you people out there reading these words in Blog world, we need to get back to Shaun & Johnathon!

They blasted on in to the FunCenter (that’s what it’s called, yo – don’t forget it) for some totallysweet pictosnaps, and they got just that. And you want to know why they got that? Because they knew the score. They knew what was up. They had the deal figured out. They came. They saw. They conquered. In fact, they should be teaching master classes here at CenterFun (whoa…did you see that? I switched it up, to see if you were paying attention. Did you catch it? Because if you truly want to be a General in the o&j army of Love ((in no way related to Ron Paul’s thing)), you gotta have all your senses honed razor sharp, ready at a moments notice to catch anything…got it?) on how to take supersweet snaps. Yeah, that’s how good they were.

Alright now, I’m just a-gonna let all of that sink in, and while it is (don’t be alarmed if you have a sinking feeling), sit back, relax, and gander – if you will – at the wonderment (it’s a word, really, it is) that was this wonderful couple! ManyThanks & MuchLove to these two fine friends for stopping by, and to my faithful of the blog that I love so much – Enjoy!

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