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Oh my.  We need to immediately pack our bags and get in to the Otis & James WayBack Machine [ed. I thought we sold that?] and venture back to a time and a place that, for conversational blogging purposes we shall call ‘Not That Long Ago…But Too Long to Wait For A Blog Post’, and the reason why we need to ride the WayBack Machine to this time is so we can have the good fortune and experience the bliss that was the wedding of Kristy & Josh!

Alright, I know the WayBack Machine smells of gasoline and old McDonald’s, but you’re gonna have to bear with me as we really have to get back there and quickly, because time is and has been a-wastin’ and like, we really really really need to see the wonderfulness that was and is Kristy & Josh!

Are you with me…yeah…alright…we’re drifting now…just keep staring out the passenger window to see the goodness, and whilst you be doing that I’m gonna lay it on you like this.  We had a totally and completely sweetlyawesome time working with this awesome couple and their double awesome [ed. That’s three awesome’s right there, folks.   Count them.  Three.]  wedding party, as we went from sweet location to sweet location in search of the perfect wedding pic!  We offer one and all that were involved with this triple-thread of awesome MuchLove & ManyThanks for bringing their A-Game [ed. Seriously, dude, you’ve never played a sport in your life, stop trying to use the sport metaphors, alright??]

Alright, I can see that you’re jonesing to see what I’m talking about, so I’m gonna take the WayBack Machine down to cruising altitude, now that’s it…just a little bit now…there they are!  Right below these words…oh, and one more thing – Enjoy!

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