BITTE v.9 :: The Family Berentson!

KooKoo Kachoo, my dear Children of Blog!  I’m giving you the straight dope on this one.  Yes sir/ma’am, there’s no need for all sorts of crazy words or explanations or anything else that you may or may have not seen around this place before, ahhhh heck nahhh, I’m coming to you straight now with the story of a fine group of peeps that shall forever be known at the Otis & James Center For The Study of Fun and Other Things That Rhyme With Fun [ed.  Rum?] (O&JCFTSOFAOTTRWF) as the Family Berentson!

You know the story.  Guy meets girl.  Guy falls in love with Girl.  Girl is in tragic blimp accident over the Rose Bowl….wait…that’s a different story, but still, I think you know the story.  And it goes a little something like this [ed.  Should I cue the banjo music whilst you spin your yarn?].  They came into FunCenter, they tore the place up with their awesomeness, and they breezed right on out again.

And that’s a fact jack.

MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wondrous family for being so totally and completely awesome, and to the rest of my good peeps out there in the Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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