FNBM v.11 :: The Family Krusi Edition!

Here we go again on our own, like a drifter I was born…whoa.  I’m sorry about that.  It seems that I had a small Whitesnake flashback there.  Anybody that lived through the eighties knows that from time to time, these kind of things happen.  Especially when you see a Jaguar (car), you may have the compelling desire to throw yourself on the hood and flail about, which will usually end with a visit from the police department.  There are support groups available, and help is near.  Just know you’re not alone.  And that concludes our weekly public service announcement.

As I was saying, the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun opened up the doors (both physical and metaphysical) once again, and this time it was to welcome the lovely Family Krusi!  Do you know why they came here?  Not to try one of my totally awesome choco-chip cookies, or even to see Jamie’s big Beatles poster that she has on our super-top-secret bunker beneath the studio floor.  

I’ll tell you why they came here…to have some totally awesome sweetlysnaps taken!  And, my dear wonderful shiny happy friends, I’m here to report that they were indeed totally awesome, and sweetlysnaps were indeed had!  Wahoo!  And do you want to know why the snaps were so awesome?  I’ll tell you that too!  It’s because The Family Krusi is so awesome!  They were rockstars in the photographic world, and that’s a fact jack.

With that last weird statement out of the way, it’s now time for us to say MuchLove to this wonderful family for stopping by the FunCenter, and to all my good people of blog – Enjoy!

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