Bethany & Josh!

I used to come up with witty titles for these blog posts, but after a few years of that your mind goes numb and you just kind of stick with names.  For example, I could have called this one ‘Fun In The Park With Bethany & Josh!’, or ‘The SweetlySnap E.Pics of Bethany & Josh!’, but it just becomes white noise after a while, and I’m not diluted enough to think you are here for the titles or even for these words.

You’re here, in case you have forgotten, to see the totally awesome samplesnaps of this wonderful couple!  Now, going back to the title thing, a part of me wants to think that I should shorten it up to just ‘Beth’ (which is a totally awesome song by Kiss, by the way), but I’m going with the full version.  Again, I think I could just put ‘Insert Couples Name Here’ as the blog title, and it wouldn’t affect your feelings toward the samplesnaps, because of that whole white noise thing again.

So, I’m going to stop all of this jibberjabber right now, because this totally awesome couple that we will be working with again on their wedding day need no additional words – their total awesomeosity is enough!  Before we leave, we want to give MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for giving us a little bit of their sweet and precious time, and to all my good people of blogworld out there in a fall day so lovely – Enjoy!

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  1. Nice PICS …. You guys look great!!!
    We will see you at the wedding in June
    Love Corey and Kristin xoxo


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