Holy Sweetness. Once Again…The Family Aannerud!

Ahh yeah now, my good Peeps of Blog, I’m gonna lay down a groove that’s gonna blow your minds.  You ready for this?  Because here goes.  A long long long long (that’s four, btw) time ago, when myself and my lovely partner Queen James were just getting going in this rockemsockem world of pictography, one of our first superwonderful clients was the one and only, the always lovely Family Aannerud!

They have been superwonderful friends to the Otis & The James for a long time now, and no holiday season would be complete without working with this totally awesome family.  I know, it seems like I’m hyping it up too much, and you may be sitting there wondering if there is any way that their samplesnaps can live up to the hype, but I’m here to tell you that…well…I don’t have to tell you anything.  Yeah.  All you’re gonna have to do is just look at the samplesnaps and you’ll see that I’m not talking trash, I’m giving you the straight dope.  Yep.  Straight dope.

But before you go all crazy like with clicking on any of those sweetlysweet pics, we want to again offer up our heartfelt thank you to this family for being a part of our o&j family though the years – you guys are the best!  OK.  We gotta quit all this mush now and get to the goods.  Oh, and to all my faithful of the blog just waiting for new goodness to go up on blog – Enjoy!

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  1. Otis & James. . . .you are the Holy Sweetness! I thank
    you so much for the great pictures that you do every
    year. You never disappointment me-they are always perfect. I proudly hang my o&j originals in my home and
    always get compliments on them. You can do no wrong in
    my book! We love you guys.

    The Family Aannerud

  2. What fun pictures! Love them as usual! It also helps that we love the cute kids in them too! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂


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