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Oh, my dear dear citizens of Blogville.  As I type this, you are either deep in a slumber, soon to wake up, or – if you’re like me – you have something so good going on that the day hasn’t yet ended.  In my case, the thing that I have that is so good, the thing that is keeping me awake as my fingers stumble across the keyboard in search of the right letters to hit in order to make some sort of a cohesive sentence, this thing – this thing that I speak of is the totally awesome fact that I have at my fingertips the ability to share with you the superfantasticsamplesnaps of a couple that goes by the name of Kelly & Josh!

Now, it would be enough for me just to have some random snapshots of this beautiful couple, as they are just that wonderful.  But the pics that I have to share with you are way more than that.  MmmmHmmm.  They are samplesnaps from their wedding day.  You heard me.  Their wedding day!  See – I’m not messing around here.  This is the real deal.  There’s no time for jive-talking, there’s only time for straight-talking.  And that’s what I’m going to give you right now.

See, there was this magical day, only a short time ago, on a beautiful early Summer Saturday, when we had the wondrous pleasure of working with this lovely couple, as well as their lovely wedding party & family!  And we were lucky enough to be a part of it, and we are so happy that this was the case because each & every person that was a part of this day made our job so easy.  Push the button.  Take the pic.  That’s all we did – they turned on the magic, and that’s the straight talk, baby.  No jive.

But enough of me telling you about it, it’s time that you witness what it is that I am jibbahjabbering about.  Before we get to the samplesnaps, we would be remiss to not give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to Kelly & Josh for choosing us, and to all of you out there in Land of Blog on a late night/early morning so fine – Enjoy!

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  1. OMG these are amazing. They do such a great job! My favs are the ones where you two are facing each other and the one with you and Morgan!! So great!! All are beautiful!

  2. I dream of one day being able to take such amazing pictures. You guys did a great job capturing the memories of this wonderful day. Thank you so much! And congratulations to the beautiful couple!


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