Dig Now, It’s Laci!

Super Wednesday afternoon to all you good people of blog out there!  We’ve got the 4th of July right around the corner, but before you run around trying to blow things up and what not, we need to kick back, take a minute and get ready to enjoy some totally awesome supersamplesnaps of the always fabulous Laci!

Shoot, now.  Let me tell you how this thing went down.  See, there is this lady, and her name is Laci, and she needed some senior snaps taken because her Senior year has come all up in her face and has all been, ‘Here I am.  What you gonna do about it?’ and then Laci was all ‘Pshhhht – I got it taken care of.  Don’t worry ’bout it.’  And then, next thing you know, Laci is strolling through the doors of the FunCenter, ready to rock it up.

Rock it up, my friends, she most definately did.  Even though the term ‘rock it up’ isn’t widely used in the common vernacular of the new urban hipster, I’m still doing my part to keep the late 1980’s alive – whether it be through awful power-ballads of hair-metal bands, or through outdated terminology.  Either way, I’m giving you the straight story.  She came through the doors, she was awesome.

Do we have a need to continue with all of this silly words?  No.  All we gotta do now is give MuchLove to Laci for giving us a little bit of her sweet & precious time, and to all my good people of Blog getting ready to dress themselves in red/white/blue shirts with airbrushed eagles on them – Enjoy!

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