It’s Cody, Serena and Riley (& Mom Too!)

I’ve got these fingers, and they’re on this keyboard, and they’re about to tell you a wonderful thing!  They’re about to tell you- in fact, I think they are telling you – about a happy time at the FunCenter for Fun when the doors opened on up, and in strolled a lovely family in need of some lovely pictures!

You see – I told you this was a wonderful thing!  Here’s how it went down.  As I said, they strolled on in to the FunCenter, and then we were all like, ‘how lovely!  Do you need pictures?’, and then they were all like, ‘Oh yes, we do!’, and so on and so forth until the point that we find ourselves at right now -with the fingers on the keyboard just waiting to tell you about this magical fantastical time!  Now, we need to take a moment to give MuchLove to this wonderful group for stopping down, and we need to remind all of you out there in the Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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