The Family Adams!

Sometimes you gotta throw the kid in the air.  And catch him, as well.  And this needs to only be done by adults and in a good natured way that only elicits fun from the child.  Actually, I just consulted with our lawyer and he is advising us that we should in no way, shape or form endorse throwing children in the air whatsoever, and that all of us should just forget that these words were ever spoken, or typed for that matter.

How ’bout this:  Sometimes, you gotta do what it takes to make your child happy!  As long as it doesn’t involved anything illegal.  OK.  There’s no way that I’m going to win with this one, so how about we just say thank you to The Family Adams for stopping by the FunCenter not all that long ago to get some sweet family pictosnaps, and to let all of you out there in your digital blog homes to – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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