A Senior Quick Teaser || With Terrisa!

How you feeling today?  Did you get a good night of rest?  You gonna have a good breakfast?  You ready to take on the world?  You all ‘wakey-wakey eggs & bakey?’  Well, if you are still having problems getting your day going, I’m here to help.

Because I’m going to kick your day off right – and that’s with a little quick teaser from the one and only, the ever lovely Terrisa!  You see, my dear good friends of o&j world, this is just the jolt of electricity, the blast of energy, the food for the brain that you need to get your day started right!  It’s better than downing a whole bottle of Fred Flinstone Chewables (do not do that, BTW.)

So, my dear friends, it’s time for us to give MuchLove to Terrisa for being so wonderful, and to all my lovely peeps out there in Land of Blog just getting your groove on for the day – Enjoy!





By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.

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