How About That…It’s Arianna!


Arianna!I say that like I’m just surprised and amazed that I’ve suddenly got this laptop in front of me with a picture of the ever-lovely Arianna in front of me and I have no idea how these things happened.  Like I was just reanimated from a frozen block of ice and had these things thrust in front of me.  Well I haven’t.  I had the laptop in the frozen block of ice with me.  But enough about how I spend my weekends.

The doors to the FunCenter opened up on a day that wasn’t all that long ago, and in to our lives strolled the wondrous Arianna!  She was here to have seniorpictosnaps taken.  And she came to the right place.  Because if she had gone next door she could have bought a Beanie Baby, or if she would have gone the other direction she would have been in a wine bar, and I’m pretty sure that she’s not of age, but I do not know how she feels about Beanie Babies.  Long story shot – she chose the right door, because for the brief time she was in our midst the FunCenter was filled with her radiant joy!

All these words, you don’t need them.  So let us wrap this up by giving MuchLove to Arianna for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and to all my other happy people out there in their happy little blog homes – Enjoy!


By otis

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