Thanks To Madison, Monday Is The New Friday!


Madison!Monday.  Possibly the worst day of the week.  A day that gets no respect.  A day when the harsh realities of life come crashing back down into us as we begin to forge our way through another week.  And this is the first full week of school to boot.  Did that sound Canadian?  Either way.  Monday.  There have been many songs written, there have been cultural references made for years.  But I’m here to offer up a ray of hope on this (at least from where I stand, or sit, or actually lounge as type this) cloudy and rainy day – and that ray of hope is the oh-so-lovley Madison!

You see, my fine peeps, Madison has taken this otherwise bad ol’ day and made it into a permanent Friday – which has been scientifically proven to be the best day of the week by a group of science people.  It has.  Look it up.  On the internet.  Everything is true on the internet.  Back to the point.

Just by looking at the lovely samplesnap above these words you know I’m not playin’ around – what I speak is the truth!  But these words, they don’t do it justice.  So I’m just going to offer up MuchLove to Madison for stopping by the o to the j, and to all my other peeps out there in Blogland slogging (which is a word) through another Monday – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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