And Now, Kennedy!

Fricke.KennedyBack when I was a kid, the MTV used to play the music videos.  Now it’s all about…I’m not even sure I know what it’s all about.  Catfishing.  Which is not a fishing show.  And there was a VJ (that stands for ‘video jockey’) that went by the name of Kennedy.  I liked her.  She was hip, cool.  There was also a president named Kennedy too.  He was hip and cool as well.  The point of all of this, other than to educate people on what the M in MTV stands for, is that in my experience in life, the name Kennedy is associated with being hip and cool.  And it would seem that with the inclusion of the Kennedy pictured above these nonsensical words, this tradition will not be broken.

But as if being hip and cool wasn’t enough, she was also incredibly gracious and a gem to work with!  Which is really all that we care about.  Hip & cool is one thing, but if you’re a diva – no way.  Not cool.  But now worries my good people of blog – Kennedy was no diva, like I said, she was a gem, and our time together taking the seniorpictopics was awesome!

So much so that we need to offer up a MuchLove to her for being so great to work with, and then we need to tell all of my catfishing friends out there in the digital cyberworld reading these silly words to – Enjoy!


By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.



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