Holy Schmokes! It’s Sydney!

Sydney!Yes, I know that I’m struggling to come up with new and inventive titles to these blog posts, but seriously – let’s see how you are doing after about 2,700 times of trying to be creative with a headline.  I just can’t put ‘Sydney Declares War’ or ‘Sydney Wins In Landslide’ – this isn’t some sort of a newspaper, this is something that people actually read.  HUZZAHH!  Stuck it to the newspaper industry.

But that’s not why we’re here.  We’re here because there was a day that wasn’t today but wasn’t a whole bunch of days ago when the oh-so-lovely Sydney strolled into our lives and let us be a small part of her senior year as we took her seniorpictosnaps (which is a word now because my computer has given up on trying to auto-correct it which must mean it’s a word…either that or my computer is just giving up…don’t give up computer – we still have each other.  Am I having a moment with my computer?  Sorry about that.  Back to the story) – and the results were fantastical (again, a word that my computer has given up the ghost on trying to correct.)

But you don’t need any of these made up words to tell you that – all you need to do is look at the lovely image above these words and know that Sydney brought the goods, and we need to give MuchLove to her for doing so, and we also need to tell all you goodly peeps out there in your Blogworld to – Enjoy!


By otis

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