Dig Now, It’s Chance.


Chance!Do we still use the term ‘dig?’  Is that still a thing?  It’s not?  Hmm.  Well it’s the only lingo I’ve got.  Yes, I know it’s from thirty years ago, but I’m convinced that everything that once was will be again, so the time for dig may be past, but I’m really truly on the cutting edge.  Dig?  Thought so.

And what are we digging on, you ask?  Chance.  It’s chance that you dug (past-tense.)  And why did you dig?  Because he stopped by the otis and the james with a dash of photography to have his senior pictosnaps taken.  Lo & behold, that is just what he did.  Dig?  Yeah.  Thought so.  But now is not the time for us to waste any more time digging or dugging (not a word) – now is the time for us to send MuchLove to Chance for giving us a little bit of his sweet & precious time and for being so awesome to work with, and it’s also time that we tell all o’ you wonderful peeps out there in your digital world to – Enjoy!


By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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