Hold Up Now…It’s Presley!


Presley!All I gotta say is this:  Seriously?  Can not believe that Presley is a senior this year.  Time.  Flies.  You see, my good peeps of blog, Presley and her lovely family have been visiting the o&j since we first started this thing up.  They are what we like to call part of the ‘original clients.’  But more so than that, they are part of the o&j family – and we can’t thank them enough for letting us watch their family grow up!

But enough about the rest of the family, this is about Presley.  And in case you weren’t able to figure it out from the picture above these words, she was totally and completely awesome to work with (we already knew she was going to be, but I guess there was the off chance that she could have gone all diva on us, but she didn’t) and the results of this senior pictographing were totally incredible.  And it was all because of her.  Jamie just happened to be there with the camera hanging out in the studio hoping that somebody would show up and then – BOOM.  Presley arrived.  So thank you for saving Jamie from being all sad and lonely in the studes (that’s what those in the know call it.)

But these words…these incessant words!  Enough of them!  We need to give MuchLove to Presley for stopping by and letting us take her pictosnaps, and to all my shiny & happy peeps out there in Blogland – Enjoy!


By otis

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  1. Gorgeous, Presley. You look like a professional model! This photo could be in a magazine. I’m your grandmother, Sharon’s cousin.


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