It’s Thursday. It’s Mattie!


Mattie!Do I really need to tell you any more than what I did in that title?  Most likely not, but I’m going to regardless.  First of all, she’s got what is technically called a ‘bitchin’ truck’ – pardon my French.  Secondly – it’s the second awesome classic Chevy that we’ve had on blog in the past two days!  I know there are battle lines drawn between Chevy & Ford peeps, but so far it’s looking like this year is a Chevy year.

Car talk aside – Mattie (and I love that name because it is the feminine version of my name which is the best name in the world duh) stopped by the o to the j to have her senior pictosnaps taken, and she completely rocked the whole thing up.  Top to bottom.  Inside & out she owned the session.  No joke, straight truth my peeps.

Exhibit A:  That pic right above these words.  I rest my case.  But before I do I wold be remiss if I didn’t (ed – Holy.  Enough I’s in that sentence?) give MuchLove to Mattie for being so awesome and for letting us be just a small little part of her senior year, and to all my other peeps out there just trying to do good in this crazy ol’ world of ours – Enjoy!


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