TGIF // It’s Taylor!



Even though this Friday may be cold, rainy & windy, all of that can be forgotten by taking a look at the samplesnap above these silly ol’ words – you will magically be transported to a world where the sun is always shining, and lovely people like the one & only Taylor brighten up everyone’s day!

See?  You just took a look at the pic and you’re already feeling better about life in general!  It’s like we could put the pharmaceutical industry out of business just with happy pictures!  But we’re not here to change any industries, we’re here to gaze upon the goodness that is Taylor, and to thank her for taking time out of her busy life and sharing a couple of minutes with us so we could have this happy image!

So now, we give thanks.  We send Taylor MuchLove for stopping by FunCenter and for letting us be just a small part of her senior year, and to all my other peeps out there in Land of Blog wishing for just a little more summer – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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